Whittington Gallery


AWARD WINNING Master Furniture Designer/Maker - Jerry Whittington's latest work of art is called "The SPIRE Bed" and truly is inspired from above! This LED Illuminated one-of-a-kind Furniture Masterpiece is rich in every detail and attracts the attention of the world's most knowledgeable Collectors of Fine Luxury Furniture.  The Unique work aesthetic pleasantly straddles the boundaries of Traditional constraint in Fine Furniture Design with a more Contemporary spirit.  The exceptionally uncommon marriage explores the creative realm of delicately executed Design balance which is emblematic of a truly timeless Transitional Luxury Furniture Masterpiece.                                                                                                       

                                                            Peaceful Refuge w/ Hidden Mood Lighting!
The illuminated Leather upholstered headboard exudes a soft 'candlelit' romantic & calming atmosphere which is accomplished by the use of a soft touch handheld  multi-mood remote control.  Functionality & Aesthetics seamlessly flow together in an intertwined vision of artistic perfection - technology kisses superb craftsmanship as high-end elements of highly respected quality construction features, superb lumber selection, fine European finished leathers and Whittington's signature specialized Professional Lacquer Finishes converge into a timeless Statement of AMERICAN MADE Good Taste! The engineering complexities of the adjustable LED white light system are cleverly hidden behind the headboard leather panels and incorporated into the smartly executed headboard design.  ​WHITTINGTON LUXURY FURNITURE DESIGNS are exclusively created for the appreciation of educated Furniture Connoisseurs who wholeheartedly agree that shortcuts and compromises in any detail​​ are simply unacceptable.  Creative Designer Jerry Whittington is a bit eccentric and a perfectionist . . . desirable Artistic traits which prove to be assets conducive to the rendering and execution of his Masterful Designer/Maker body of work! 


Spire Bed