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THIS IS A SUPER POPULAR & TRENDING STYLE OPTION FOR OUR TIMES!   This Amazing Cool 64" Round Reclaimed Wood Table Top is beautifully presented atop the character-rich Old World Style Iron Base!  Oh My ... what a story this table could tell!  This piece of Designer Furniture Art has been steeped in a carefully applied specially formulated WHITTINGTON Signature Lacquer Finish which allows for the God-given grains to seemingly jump out for us to fully appreciate nature's eccentricities while 'showing off' for our pure enjoyment!  Meanwhile,  the light gently plays across the silky smooth top & catches an exciting golden glimmer if you look very closely! The Custom Base itself is a magnificent work of art and beautifully balanced in design lending  such class to this One of a Kind Furniture Masterpiece!

64" diam  X  30"h

Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table