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CWB DESIGN PORTFOLIO People's Choice Award  - This GORGEOUS BOMBE BED is a Feast for the Eyes and a true indulgence in LUXURY! This Seriously Romantic TURQUOISE Bed Masterpiece is yet another addition to Whittington's DESIGNER Furniture Collection of American Made Antiques of the Future!  Jerry's sleekly contemporary French Styling is Epic in Design & has been totally built with the Ladies in mind!  This Magnificent Headboard has been painstakingly Upholstered in exotic Turquoise 'Ostrich'  European Leather Hide - Hundreds of individually hand-set Silver Nailheads are an exquisite adornment adding that just right & exciting touch of Bling!  Whittington's Ultra Feminine Bombe side rails are close to 2 1/2" thick!  The seriously intricate curvaceous front legs are a voluptuous vision of beauty! To top it all off, Whittington's Exquisite Signature Design is beautifully drenched in WG's Signature Formula rich & silky smooth trademark 'CROC'le Finish!  The magnificent framing color is a richly textured cross between  soft silver & pewter gray - the perfect 'jewel setting' to gracefully surround the luscious padded Turquoise Leather insets! King Size  -  Signed & Dated  -  Bolted Together (not hooked!) - One of a Kind

retail: $19,000          our price: $7500

Turquoise Leather Bed

The 'RED CARPET' of ​​​​​​​​​​​Award Winning Equestrian Designer Furniture