​PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE DESIGNER & Home Decorator,  Jerry Whittington ASFD,  is a curiously charming blend of ancestral English origin and is richly steeped in multi-generational roots of North Carolinian Furniture Making heritage  -  all swirled together with a distinct Southern drawl!  Jerry is definitely not a copyist of a style but rather a Trend Setter!  He adores stylish elegance and timeless beauty in design  -  Jerry finds that the Decor mode of English Country flavor is most conducive to expressing one's individuality throughout the Home environment.  Jerry's artistic interpretation of this comfortable Old World European Style has been smartly lifted into the needs of today through his creatively well balanced & relevant point of view!  Whittington draws inspiration from such things as the architectural details of English Manors, gold gilded framed oil paintings of lush country sides, English Aristocracy settings and character, the ever-so-chic world of European Fashion Elements and of course the stately presence of an equestrian motif tastefully threaded throughout the Home!  Jerry artfully incorporates his Signature formulated finishing techniques of richly pigmented color palettes accented by hand applied shaded tones of antiquity  -  evidencing desirable markings of character and a welcoming warm patina which, in the natural world, are only achieved by the passing of time!   

Old What's His Name

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Award Winning Furniture Maker - Furniture ReDesign - Home Furniture Repair - Consultant 

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