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The Super Cool Machine has a 2HP Baldor Motor is 3 Phase/230  This ingeniously designed Specialty Machine originally manufactured by NASH has been customized to accept a SlipCon Sandpaper Application System!  Jerry's many years of Fine Furniture Making experience led him to be a big fan of the High End Quality Product output of using the SlipCon Brand in the Finest Quality Realm of finishing - as fine furniture makers know, the importance of proper sanding is vitally important in a Beautifully executed Woodworking Masterpiece!  
Jerry has also installed an E-TRAC AC Inverter in order to slow down the speed to accomplish the ultimate in sharper clean molding profiles - by slowing down the speed you reduce the chances of rounding off those sharp molding profiles. The RPM goes from 399 to 1620.  Jerry has also installed a Baldor 2 HP Line Reactor which ensures a smooth & even electrical current flow.  So, as you can see, nothing has been spared in creating this amazing piece of equipment! Jerry has addressed every detail in his quest for owning the Ultimate Profile Sander!  
If you are interested in buying this machine simply give Jerry a call at (803) 272-0510 and he will be happy to discuss this machine with you  OR  if you prefer simply Email us at

Nash Profile Sander


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