JERRY WHITTINGTON, ASFD is an influential American Designer of AWARD WINNING FURNITURE in FL and Beyond!  He is a well seasoned Professional - Eccentrically Creative Artist & Technically Talented Genius! Whittington is recognized for his impeccable high-end detailing and well respected by his clientele as a Master of his craft & Style Visionary gifted in the field of Elite & Fashionable Equestrian Furniture! Whittington's work has appeared in print & has also gained Professional Design Award recognition. 

TAMARA WHITTINGTON, CIVA is a Mixed Media Artist/Decorator.  She has an extensive lifelong background in the Art field and over 25 years of Home Decorating experience in the realm of Luxury Equestrian Furniture in FL and beyond. Tamara states "My artistic passion which is found in the magical juxtapositioning of interestingly unlikely elements seems to naturally flow into the life-sized palette of the Home Decor realm of Artistry . . . this joyfully pleasing experience of layering color pigmentation, textural attitude & multi faceted objects on any scale is truly what makes me tick!"

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