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​​​​​​​​​​​​​    Whittington Gallery   

​​​​​​​​JLT PANEL CLAMPS FOR SALE $1650.00 

This JLT Clamp system was special ordered by us as we were making many big, 5" thick Bed Posts ...until ...the unbalanced trade politics & foreign outsourcing to cheap labor markets had it's effect on us!   This is a 6' Panel Clamp with 12  #302-32-H-R Clamps .  It is specifically designed for extra thick stock up tp 6" with rocker plates (without rocker plates 3 1/2").  includes 12 clamps (3 1/2" jaws) & 24 (6") rocker plates!  Height is 69"  X  Width 73"  X  Length 48")  

JLT Panel Clamps For Sale