Illuminated Spire Bed

Whittington Gallery

                                                        A Peek Behind the Scene - Fabulous Hidden Mood Lighting!
The illuminated Leather upholstered headboard exudes a soft 'candlelit' romantic & calming atmosphere which is accomplished by the use of a soft touch handheld multi-mood remote control.  Jerry has fabricated a detailed encased LED 'box' with reflective polished aluminum sheeting and protective safety plexiglass which discreetly sits behind the scene! The engineering complexities of the adjustable LED white light System are cleverly hidden behind the Leather Headboard Panels and incorporated into the smartly executed headboard design. Functionality & Aesthetics seamlessly flow together in an intertwined vision of artistic perfection - technology kisses superb craftsmanship as high-end elements of highly respected quality construction features, superb lumber selection, fine European finished leather and Whittington's signature specialized Professional Lacquer Finish converge into a timeless Statement of AMERICAN MADE Good Taste!  


The intrinsic value of prayer, the rich personal background and the evolution of reasoning behind this extraordinary work of art by Jerry Whittington may be unseen by the naked eye but are richly elemental and inspirational!  Here are a handful of enjoyable facts:

The Exciting Design 'idea' for this Extreme Artistic Creation was stirred onto Jerry's heart and the challenging design intricacies played out in his head for several years before it was rendered by his masterful hand onto paper with a #2 pencil in early 2019!

Jerry painstakingly began the complicated process of sketching out the detailed multilevel bed post profiles he was 'seeing' in his mind's eye - he then prepared an intricate patterning sequencing of knives to accomplish the desired fabrication results to wood - all without the assistance of computer or CNC technology!

Jerry confidently tapped into his deep Furniture Heritage roots and extensive experience as he personally drove hours to obtain the very Finest Select Lumber available today  from a secret source!

The 'SPIRE' Bed title for this particular work of art came unexpectedly and was whispered into existence by God - an inspirational architectural style element which has evolved in its application through the generations, withstood the test of time and inevitably directs all eyes heavenward!

The Whittington Specialized bed color formula is entitled 'Wings of a Dove' and was birthed at 2:07AM on the 26th of February 2019 - (Psalm 68:13 "like the wings of a Dove covered with silver, and it's pinions of glistening gold")  The softly gentle nature of the Dove has been captured through a meticulously formulated blending of precious pigments!

The play of lights washing over the multiple silky coats of High-end Lacquer of the 'SPIRE' Bed conveys a heavenly iridescence and forms a flattering frame surrounding the velvety "natural" Italian hand finished Leather - A Vision of Serenity likened to this poetic description by English churchman John Keble (1792 - 1866)

"Whose wings, a silver light illumes,

And gleams of verdant gold play over her burnished plumes!"