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Let's face it Girlfriends . . . We are a super savvy Sisterhood after all - Uniquely Attracted to  that indescribable  Allure of ALL things BEAUTIFUL . . . from those illustrious Red-Bottomed Stilettos & Gorgeous 'must-have' Designer Handbags to Super Cute Jewelry, Sunglasses & Charms!  

WG FASHION FURNITURE has a creatively passionate Artistic point of view which shares a special bond with the World of Women's Fashion . . . reaching new heights in the realm of the Feminine Home Decor Experience!  This revolutionary Ultra-Luxurious Leather Wrapped 'Joie de Vivre' Masterpiece has been 

specifically Designed to openly celebrate the Joy of being a WOMAN!  Your investment in Valuable 'Pretties' & Delightful Things will now be properly displayed and fully enjoyed through this LUXE and ever-evolving Designer Accessories Display Piece - simply have FUN changing out your DESIGNER BAGS, HEELS & JEWELS according to the Change of Seasons or Room Decor Color Schemes  or simply what is most pleasing to YOUR eyes!   After all Ladies . . . Your Luxury Designer 'Treasures' should not stay hidden in the closet, but rather,  should be incorporated as the ART Pieces they truly are . . . exquisitely  displayed & properly placed directly into the Lovely Landscape of Your Heart, Personal Space & Home Environment!  Indulge Yourself in this Luxurious & Revolutionary Fashion Statement Original - A Romantic Life Sized Fashion Toy Box with a Whimsical Wink at Paris!

 Handbags  Heels  &  Jewelry Cabinet

Got Birkin Bags?  Got Louboutin Heels?  Got Chanel Jewelry?

​Show Off Your Pretties!

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The 'RED CARPET' of ​​​​​​​​​​​Award Winning Equestrian Designer Furniture