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WHITTINGTON'S ORIGINAL DESIGNER COUNTRY FRENCH FARMHOUSE TABLE definitely stands out from ALL the rest!  Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of 'Old-World' character . . . Jerry's unique Furniture Design blends the perfect balance of manually Aged Pine with that 'just right' touch of a Beautifully Hand-Antiqued sweep of Hammered Steel which forms the Strong cross-member Brace . . . and what about that intricate set of 'to die for' - Gorgeously Curvaceous - Trestle Supports!!!  WHITTINGTON'S outstanding Hand Crafted Farmhouse Trestle Table has been artistically Aged for added character -  Jerry's Premium Signature Finish involves multiple steps of Expertly Applied coats of Pigments & Lacquers to finally achieve those unmatched & Silky Smooth results that everyone is talking about!   Jerry & Tamara have captured the spirit & essence of that magical appeal so reflective of the Beautiful European French Countryside ~ 

Size Shown  w 72"  X  d 40"  X  h 30 1/2"

French Farmhouse Table

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