European Country Leather Chairs.

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WOW! Here is yet another Exciting NC Fine Furniture Shopping Spree Find - personally discovered and immediately scooped up by Jerry & Tamara, owners of Whittington Gallery!  The High End company CENTURY FURNITURE is the manufacturer of this character rich European Country Chair Design!  WG has a set of 2 hidden away and waiting just for YOU!  This comfortably French Style is exquisitely expressed through a richly warm aged fruitwood finish & balanced blend of Leather, Fabric & nailhead!  These would be a nice addition as accent chairs in a living room scenario ... but just imagine seeing them placed at the ends of a Signature Whittington Designed Country French Dining Table!  Unique One-of-a-Kind SET of 2!

26"w  X  29"d  X  46"h

       ​suggested retail:  $2325 pair      

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