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English Saddle Dining Table

Here is a Perfect Example of what WG is all about! In addition to Original Designs, The Whittingtons join together their God-given Creative Talents & intense knowledge which was gained through YEARS of old fashioned hands on EXPERIENCE - the heart of their Multifaceted business is their AMAZING WORKSHOP! This gorgeous Dining Table is manufactured by high end company CENTURY FURNITURE . . . and here is where the FUN BEGINS . . . Jerry & Tamara purchased this from a secret source on a buying trip in NC - as always the Whittingtons are scoping out Quality Home Furnishings while at the same time BRAINSTORMING & scheming up how to improve, customize & enhance so as to create a Truly One-of-a-Kind Piece for their affluent Equestrian clientele base. This Table Base now has the 'feel' of an English Saddle and  the Remarkable Round Top has been Custom Finished in a WG Equine Pigmented multi-step staining & lacquer finish process! A touch of 'horsey' bling adds a whimsy through the hand applied nailhead accents!  Imagine this table all dressed up & warmly surrounded by your guests OR how about an OUTSTANDING Foyer Entry Piece which sets the welcoming tone for your Home's Unique Atmosphere! 

60"diam   X   30 1/2"h

suggested retail: $6350          our price: $2800

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