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High Fashion Furniture

We are delighted to serve your Home Furnishings needs!  Whittington Gallery Custom Furniture Maker & Home Decor services extend well into the professional realm of Fine Quality Restoration and Repair as well!

Please feel comfortable about getting in touch with us!  We are very 'down to earth' kind of people whose ultimate aim is to please YOU while adding a pleasant element of memory making value to your life!

WHITTINGTON GALLERY is just minutes from Camden, SC Popular Downtown Antiques District (approx 3 miles)  Our Showroom/Workshop location on Highway US-1 in East Camden is a little bit 'tucked away' from the mainstream which allows us to be more special to our clients!  We are DEFINITELY worth the visit!

*NOTE:  We are real close to the new Jackson Elementary School - Just look for our beautiful Blue/Black WHITTINGTON GALLERY coat of arms sign at the road!

Whittington Gallery  Custom Furniture Maker 

 Restoration & Repair  -  Fine Home Furnishings

1716  Jefferson Davis Hwy (US 1)

Camden, SC   29020

(803) 272-0510