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Forbes Collection!

WG HAS PERFORMED AN EXTREME MAKEOVER ON THIS HIGH-END CHERRY DRESSER By Respected American Manufacturer, Harden Furniture! This was originally a highly ornamental Forbes Collection Piece . . . through CREATIVE THOUGHT & HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGN EXPERTISE,  WHITTINGTON has Transformed this once 'over the top' Dresser into a Beautifully Executed ENGLISH MANOR MASTERPIECE!  Laborious & careful  DE-Construction of a portion of the original design elements was necessary to accomplish the NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN results WHITTINGTON envisioned for this Beautiful Furniture Specimen!  Skillfully Executed Artistic Enhancement has Definitely Stepped things up to a Higher Level! Feast your eyes on the Timeless Whittington Design Additions of Hand Fluted Panels - Finely Carved Decorative Onlays - Hand Turned Bunn Feet - Upholstered, Hand Antiqued & Artistically Time Worn European 'Croc' Leather Panel & Antiqued Brass Nailheads & Hardware - All Hand Rubbed to enhance the Rich Mahogany Finish!     

73 1/2" w  X  21"d  X  38 1/4"h

suggested retail: $6300          our price: $1595

Cherry Forbes Dress

The 'RED CARPET' of ​​​​​​​​​​​Award Winning Equestrian Designer Furniture

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