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Accent Barstool Collection

French Country Swivel Barstool w/plaid seat

​brass footrest by Century

20 1/2"w  X  21 1/2"d  X  46 3/4"h

seat 28 3/4"h


 (803) 272-0510

English Country Barstool

w/diamond pattern upholstery

18 1/4"w  X  23 1/2"d  X  46 1/4"h          seat 32"h


English Country Counter Stool Black Distressed Finish by Ardley Hall​​

17 1/2"w  X  19 1/2"d  X  40 3/4"h

seat 24"h


Cane Back Swivel Barstool w/suede seat

chrome footrest protector

​by Drexel

20"w  X  25"d  X  47"h     seat 31 1/2" h 


Round Rush Seat Swivel Counter Stool 

w/decorative blk iron footrest protector

by Woodbridge

17 1/2" diameter  X  24"h


The Whittingtons have scoured the NC Furniture Capital and have left no stone unturned in providing YOU with an AMAZING COLLECTION of Unique 'Onesie' Barstools! The purpose of this particular 'Furniture Hunt' was to find Designer pieces which add a dimension of Interest to your home environment by utilizing a Smart and Functional Fine Furniture Design! While, understandably, many shoppers may be of that old fashioned mindset of purchasing a  "set of barstools"  . . . The Whittingtons have thrown their creative eclectic twist to this concept and re-invented a fresh new exciting look at this very popular item! The Strategic placement of a Beautifully Designed Barstool offers so much flair to the overall Decor Style through texture, color & decorative interest! It can be pulled up for convenience when grabbing a quick bite, writing a check, feeding the Grandkids or even while waiting for that pot on the stove to come to a boil! OR . . . simply lighten up a bit and Consider an intentionally mismatched  'set' of singles around the bar or counter top for a Super Cool Look & Inviting conversation area!  

Maitland Smith Barstool  - (distressed black w/burgandy leather seat)

suggested retail $2098          our price $550

Comfy Chenille Swivel Barstool

by Century w/brass footrest

23 "w  X  24 1/2"d  X  46 1/2"h

seat 31"h


European Country Swivel Barstool

French Vanilla / suede / nail trim

w/brass footrest

by Century

20 1/2"w  X  21 1/2"d  X  46 3/4"h

seat 28 3/4"h


Unique Soft Leather Barstool

w/brass footrest protector 

21 3/4"w  X  25"d  X  46 1/2"h

seat 30 1/2"h