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​WG has Beautifully Refreshed this Amazing King Size Carved Headboard by fine furniture maker, Century Furniture! This is just a small example of what Whittington Gallery is able to accomplish Artistically through an amazing workshop & old fashioned Experience, Knowledge & NC Home Furnishings Industry 'connections'!  The Whittingtons cherry-picked this Gorgeous Headboard from a NC source - Although their professional opinion was that it was originally a bit bland, dark and rather lackluster in finish . . . Their creative juices began to flow as they knew exactly what it could become through a meticulous 'facelift' process and a magical Artistic Uplift!  This now becomes a one-of-a-kind Bed which is high quality but will save you money because it was bought 'right'!  Now THIS is a real focal point in any bedroom - The soft Antique White Lacquer Finish leaves lots of room to mix many color choices in the complementary pieces!

82 3/4"w  X  76"h

Suggested Retail:   $3900          Our Price:   $1295 

White English Manor Bed

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The 'RED CARPET' of ​​​​​​​​​​​Award Winning Equestrian Designer Furniture